FD170 cruise furler set - 6/7mm

Article: F-FDC170

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  • Range
  • Recommended Boat size - Max (ft)
  • Recommended Boat size - Min (ft)
  • Rope Ø (mm)
  • Furling line length (m)
  • Headstay length Std. (mm)
  • Extrusion reference
  • Extrusion Ø (mm)
  • Extrusion weight (g/m)
  • Luff groove (Single/Double)
  • Luff tape (mm)
  • Wire Ø Max (mm)
  • Drum Ø (mm)

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The Facnor FlatDeck furler is an innovative furling system that uses webbing as the furling line, instead of a traditional furling rope. The webbing is guided onto the drum and stacks neatly on top of itself, which provides three significant benefits:

  1. It removes the possibility of line over-rides - a common problem on traditional drums.

  2. It allows a significantly lower profile drum which in turn, increases available luff length for the genoa and finally,

  3. With the sail fully unfurled, the diameter of the webbing is at its maximum on the drum which increases the power for the start of the furl over a traditional furler using rope. The drum webbing is connected to a rope with a swivel that prevents the webbing from twisting and allows the rope to be put on a winch, in the normal way.

The Flatedeck Standard kit includes: Drum, internal turnbuckle fitting, short link plates, foil sections + connections, halyard swivel, webbing/ rope kit, 3 standard and 1 articulated fairleads.

Specifications for FD170 cruise furler set - 6/7mm

Recommended Boat size - Max (ft) 36
Recommended Boat size - Min (ft) 24
Rope Ø (mm) 10
Furling line length (m) rope: 15 / webbing:18
Headstay length Std. (mm) 12400
Extrusion reference SX33
Extrusion Ø (mm) 33
Extrusion weight (g/m) 658
Luff groove (Single/Double) D
Luff tape (mm) 5
Wire Ø Max (mm) 7
Drum Ø (mm) 232

F-FD_Facnor Installation Manual DE_001.pdf
Facnor Installation and User Manual- German
F-FD_Facnor Exploded View Furling System_001.pdf
Facnor Exploded View FD Furling System Diagram- French/English
F-FD_Facnor Exploded View Furling System FR EN_002.pdf
Facnor Exploded View FD Furling System Spare Parts Diagram- French/English
F-FD_Facnor Exploded View Furling System FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor Exploded View FD Furling System Spare Parts Diagram- French/English
F_Facnor LS-LX-RX Measurements Connectors FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor LS-LX-RX Connectors Measurements Diagram- French/English
F_Facnor Catalogue 2019-2020 EN_001.pdf
Facnor Products Catalogue 2019-2020
F-FD_Facnor Range Dimensions FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor FD Range Dimensions Diagram- French/English
F-FD_Facnor Range Brochure EN_001.pdf
Facnor FlatDeck Range Datasheet
F-FD_Facnor Range Brochure DE_001.pdf
Facnor FlatDeck Range Datasheet- German
F-FD_Facnor Installation Manual FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor FD110 FD190 FD230 FD310 Installation Manual