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All about upffront

Upffront.com distributes performance deck hardware and rigging systems worldwide via the internet and works with all the leading equipment manufacturers. One of the allures of our sport is the constant development and progression of sailing systems. This product innovation can spring up anywhere and our aim is to find cool, new performance products and make them more easily available to you, our customers.

Unfortunately, technical sailing equipment can be complicated to buy with multiple products required to make up even a r elatively simple system. Upffront aims to bring together all the information required to help you make an educated and confident purchase, based on a choice of quality performance products. This help comes in the form of detailed product specifications, a range of online tools / configurators and simple guidelines on product compatibility across the site.

And when you just don’t know what you need, upffront has an extensive network of highly experienced riggers and performance sailing experts who are available to offer personal assistance via mail or on the end of the phone. With this dedicated online shop, useful guidelines and worldwide support network, upffront intends to make high quality, performance hardware and rigging systems easily accessible, at affordable prices.