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Stripping and recovering yacht ropes – when, where and why?

he majority of yacht ropes are double braid construction i.e. with a core and braided cover. The purpose of this cover is to protect the core from general chafe, abrasion and UV damage but also to provide grip and durability of the line on winches and in clutches


Alphalock Halyard Locks – Simply the Best?

The Alphalock brand is a relative newcomer on the sailing hardware scene but its CEO, Eric Hall – founder of Hall Spars and inventor of their renowned Hall Autolocks - is anything but “the new kid on the block”!


Sailboat Hardware Soft Attachments – Fad or Paradigm Shift?

There is an increasing trend towards soft attachment of sailing hardware and rigging i.e. using a lashing or soft loop, however they are not a catch-all solution.

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Für Boote von 30-80 ft. Made in German

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