Series 80 furler set - Bottom-up

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Ronstan's range of continuous line furling systems puts great performance and reliability within the reach of cruising and racing sailors alike. The Ronstan Series 80 standard furling system is designed for upwind sailing with straight luff sails in true wind angles less than 90˚ (e.g. Code 0, Screecher, Staysail). Drum diameter is matched to load rating to provide the optimum balance between speed and ease of furling. Advanced drum technology: Drums incorporate a sophisticated furling line groove profile and cross-hole geometry to grip the furling line securely when furling. When deploying the sail the continuous furling line self-ejects from the grip zone, remaining stationary for smoother, safer operation with minimum rope wear. A PTFE perimeter strip ensures the unloaded furling line can't fall from the drum or become snagged. Furlers and top swivels feature a factory sealed, maintenance free bearing. The continuous furling line is easily fitted and removed from the furler without tools, so it can be left on deck when the sail and furler are stowed below. The furling line guide can be adjusted to suit either 0 or 90 degree attachment as required. Both the furling drum and top swivel have retained clevis pins and the drum includes shackle RS208050 on its underside. Attachment options include snap shackle, 2:1 fairlead and torsion rope thimble. The Ronstan Series 80 system is rated to 1,900kg NBL and is optimised for use with 8mm furling line (not included). The set includes: standard furler RS208000, top swivel RS208010. Ronstan continuous line furling systems require the sail to be either completely unfurled or completely furled – the furler cannot be used with a partially furled sail.

Specifications for Series 80 furler set - Bottom-up

Recommended Boat size - Max (ft) 26
Recommended line - Max Ø (mm) 8
Jaw pin Ø (mm) 7
Jaw width (mm) 10
Drum Ø (mm) 80
SWL (kg) 950
NBL (kg) 1900
Weight (g) 362

Ronstan Generation 2 – installation of furling line