Loopx - 12mm x 3m

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PROtect LOOPX combines pressure sensitive tapes with embedded high strength Dyneema® fibres, both made of UHMWPE. The thin and strong adhesive has two functions: to hold the longitudinal fibre in the desired position and to guarantee the adhesion between layers when the loop is made manually. The fibres are very light (just 930 grams for 10,000 linear metres) and this leads to an extremely high strength to weight ratio, making it the strongest man-made tape. With LOOPX high load loops, bobstays, runner attachments and soft attach blocks / small loops no longer require specialist skills and expertise or tools. Application is quick, simple and the being translucent it is easy to inspect and maintain the high strength fibres. The first section of the tape is produced without adhesive which makes the first turn easy but then the adhesion starts and bonds each layer of tape to itself creating a strong bond. The tape is supplied in 3m lengths and a minimum of 5 rounds/turns is recommended but then working load increases which each complete turn. The 3m long, 12mm wide tape has a single fibre running down the centre and weighs just 11g. With the minimum recommended 5 turns it has a safe working load of 322kg and at 8 turns 515kg

Specifications for Loopx - 12mm x 3m

Roll length (mm) 3000
Roll width (mm) 12

PROtect LoopX - Introduction
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