52 4-Speed S/T Ultra Speed Winch

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  • Range
  • Size
  • Material
  • Recommended line - Max Ø (mm)
  • Recommended line - Min Ø (mm)
  • Warranty (yrs)
  • Gears
  • Gear ratio 1
  • Gear ratio 2
  • Gear ratio 3
  • Gear ratio 4
  • Power ratio 1
  • Power ratio 2
  • Power ratio 3
  • Power ratio 4
  • Line entry height (mm)
  • Base Ø (mm)
  • Drum Ø (mm)
  • Height (mm)
  • Style
  • SWL (kg)
  • Weight (g)

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Pontos winches by Karver are based on epicyclic gear trains associated with automatic load detection technology. Depending on the choice of model this approach can offer either 3 times more power or 6 times more speed compared to all other winches on the market. The additional gears of the Speed range provide the ability to winch in much more quickly than conventional winches. When in first gear a single turn on the winch handle brings in 6 times the amount of line compared to a normal two speed winch. Changing gear is simple. When too much pressure builds up on the winch handle, just reverse the direction and the next gear is engaged. Once the line pressure is off, the winch reverts to the most suitable gearing for the next time you winch. The drum is constructed in hard anodized aluminium, gears and clutch in 17.4 PH stainless steel and copper aluminium alloy and needle bearings in polyoxymethylene. All winches are self-tailing, enabling single handed sail trimming. All Pontos winches by Karver feature a 5 year warranty.

Specifications for 52 4-Speed S/T Ultra Speed Winch

Size 52
Material Aluminium
Recommended line - Max Ø (mm) 14
Recommended line - Min Ø (mm) 8
Warranty (yrs) 5
Gears 4-Speed
Gear ratio 1 0.48
Gear ratio 2 2.18
Gear ratio 3 2.4
Gear ratio 4 10.91
Power ratio 1 2.44
Power ratio 2 11.08
Power ratio 3 12.2
Power ratio 4 55.42
Line entry height (mm) 97
Base Ø (mm) 220
Drum Ø (mm) 100
Height (mm) 203
Style Self-Tailing
SWL (kg) 1800
Weight (g) 8800

KA-KWS052_Karver Drawing Speed Winch_001.PDF
Karver 52-4 S/T Ultra Speed Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KWS052_Karver 2D Drawing Speed Winch_001.DWG
Karver KWS52 2D Speed Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KWS052_Karver 3D Drawing Speed Winch_001.IGS
Karver KWS52 3D Speed Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KW_Karver Winch Specifications FR EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Specifications Diagram-French/English
KA-KW_Karver Winch Range Product Sheet EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Range Datasheet
KA-KW_Karver Winch Performance Specifications EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Performance Datasheet
KA-KW_Karver KWS52 KWP150 Winch Template FR EN_001.PDF
Karver KWS52 KWP150 Winch Datasheet-French/English
KA_Karver Winches Range Presentation EN_001.pdf
Karver Winches Range Datasheet
KA_Pontos Grinder Product Sheet FR_001.pdf
Karver Pontos Grinder Datasheet- French
KA_Pontos Grinder Product Sheet EN_001.pdf
Karver Pontos Grinder Datasheet
KA_Karver Winches Main Specs EN_001.pdf
Karver Winches Datasheet