45 2-Speed S/T Kompact Winch

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  • Material
  • Recommended line - Max Ø (mm)
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  • Gear ratio 1
  • Gear ratio 2
  • Power ratio 1
  • Power ratio 2
  • Line entry height (mm)
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  • Height (mm)
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Pontos self-tailing Kompact winch by Karver features 2 speeds. The first sheets in the line twice as fast as a conventional two-speed winch; reversing the direction of the winch handle drops it into second gear, delivering the pulling power of a 45 winch. An innovative gearing layout allows higher loads in a small footprint. An additional benefit is that line entry can be from any direction without impacting performance. The drum is constructed in hard anodized aluminium, gears and clutch in 17.4 PH stainless steel and copper aluminium alloy and needle bearings in polyoxymethylene. All Pontos winches by Karver feature a 5 year warranty.

Specifications for 45 2-Speed S/T Kompact Winch

Size 45
Material Aluminium
Recommended line - Max Ø (mm) 11
Recommended line - Min Ø (mm) 8
Warranty (yrs) 5
Gears 2-Speed
Gear ratio 1 1
Gear ratio 2 7.44
Power ratio 1 6.05
Power ratio 2 45
Line entry height (mm) 58
Base Ø (mm) 130
Drum Ø (mm) 84
Height (mm) 143
Style Self-Tailing
SWL (kg) 850
Weight (g) 3600

KA-KWK045_Karver Compact Winch Dismantling Manual.pdf
KA-KWK045 - Karver Kompact Winch
Karver Kompact Winch Video
KA-KWK045_Karver Drawing Kompact Winch_001.PDF
Karver 45-2 Speed S/T Kompact Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KWK045_Karver 2D Drawing Kompact Winch_001.DWG
Karver KWK45 2D Kompact Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KWK045_Karver 3D Drawing Kompact Winch_001.IGS
Karver KWK45 3D Kompact Winch Technical Drawing
KA-KWK045_Karver Winch Template FR EN_001.PDF
Karver KWK45 Winch Datasheet-French/English
KA-KW_Karver Winch Specifications FR EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Specifications Diagram-French/English
KA-KW_Karver Winch Range Product Sheet EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Range Datasheet
KA-KW_Karver Winch Performance Specifications EN_001.pdf
Karver Winch Performance Datasheet
KA_Karver Winches Range Presentation EN_001.pdf
Karver Winches Range Datasheet
KA_Pontos Compact Winch User Manual_001.pdf
Karver Pontos Compact Winch User Manual
KA_Pontos Compact Product Sheet FR_001.pdf
Karver Pontos Compact Datsheet- French
KA_Pontos Compact Product Sheet EN_001.pdf
Karver Pontos Compact Datasheet
KA_Karver Winches Main Specs EN_001.pdf
Karver Winches Datasheet