KJ10 Winchless jammer

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The Karver KJ10 Winchless jammer allows course and fine tune without the use of a winch. The main line is run through the Winchless (which is based on the same 3 jaw, high load technology as the KJ Jammers) where the line can run freely. A finetune purchase can be permanently attached to the trip line which instantly grips the line as soon as the fine-tune is required. When the fine-tune is released the line goes back to course tune operation.

Specifications for KJ10 Winchless jammer

Recommended line - Max Ø (mm) 10
Recommended line - Min Ø (mm) 5
Total height (mm) 53
Total length (mm) 100
Total width (mm) 72
SWL (kg) 300
NBL (kg) 600
Weight (g) 240

Karver Winchless video
KA-KJ10W_Karver Drawing Winchless Jammer_001.pdf
Karver KJ10 Winchless Jammer Technical Drawing
KA-KJ10W_Karver 2D Drawing Winchless Jammer_001.DWG
Karver KJ10 2D Winchless Jammer Technical Drawing
KA-KJ10W_Karver 3D Drawing Winchless Jammer_001.IGS
Karver KJ10 3D Winchless Jammer Technical Drawing