Aluminium Ferrule FR4

Référence: T-FR04 Référence du fabricant: TY2604

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  • Marque
  • Largeur totale (mm)
  • Ø Extérieur (mm)
  • Ø Intérieur (mm)
  • Ø cordage max surface extérieur de l'anneau (mm)
  • Charge de travail (kg)
  • Charge de rupture (kg)
  • Poids (g)
  • A (mm)
  • B (mm)
  • C (mm)
  • D (mm)
  • E (mm)

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Tylaska Ring Ferrules are lighter and smaller than a conventional pulley block and have become a popular alternative for many applications where traditional blocks once ruled. Instead of rolling on a pulley sheave, the active line with a ferrule merely slides on the inside smooth surface of the ring. Another line is spliced around the ferrule for attaching it. In addition to being lighter and less expensive than conventional blocks, ring ferrules are also less prone to failure since there are no pulleys to crack or bearings to foul. Ferrules are ideal for applications such as barber haulers, spinnaker twings or other uses that have small turning angles and little line movement.

Caractéristiques de Aluminium Ferrule FR4

Largeur totale (mm) 6,4
Ø Extérieur (mm) 15,7
Ø Intérieur (mm) 6,4
Ø cordage max surface extérieur de l'anneau (mm) 4
Charge de travail (kg) 275
Charge de rupture (kg) 550
Poids (g) 2
A (mm) 6,4
B (mm) 4,4
C (mm) 15,7
D (mm) 6,4
E (mm) 3,1

T-Tylaska Ring Ferrules Flyer 2013_001.pdf
Tylaska Ring Ferrules Datasheet 2013
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