Cam Cleat - KJ3, aluminium

Référence: KA-KJ03 Référence du fabricant: PF840010

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  • Marque
  • Matériau
  • Cordage recommandé – Ø Max (mm)
  • Cordage recommandé – Ø Min (mm)
  • Hauteur totale (mm)
  • Longueur totale (mm)
  • Largeur totale (mm)
  • Charge de travail (kg)
  • Charge de rupture (kg)
  • Poids (g)

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Karver's KJ3 Cam Cleat offers high strength and reliability. The closed aluminium structure strengthens and protects the cam from impacts and provides a good weight/strength ratio. It features an aluminium base and high resistance ball bearings. Aluminium jaws provide good grip even at high loads and on small diameter lines. Requires fastener spacing 38mm. Use with fairlead KA-KJ02/03 (sold separately).

Caractéristiques de Cam Cleat - KJ3, aluminium

Matériau Aluminum
Cordage recommandé – Ø Max (mm) 10
Cordage recommandé – Ø Min (mm) 4
Hauteur totale (mm) 28
Longueur totale (mm) 33
Largeur totale (mm) 62
Charge de travail (kg) 310
Charge de rupture (kg) 620
Poids (g) 69

KA-KJ03_Karver Drawing Cam Cleat_001.PDF
Karver KJ3 Cam Cleat Technical Drawing
KA-KJ03_Karver 2D Drawing Cam Cleat_001.DWG
Karver KJ3 2D Drawing Cam Cleat Technical Drawing
KA-KJ03_Karver 3D Drawing Cam Cleat_001.IGS
Karver KJ3 3D Cam Cleat Technical Drawing