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Velocitek Velocitek SpeedPuck

Model: V-PUCK
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  • AttributeValue
  • Weight (g):295
  • Total width (mm):115
  • Total depth (mm):27
  • Total height (mm):115
  • Display digit height (mm):27
  • Battery type:3xAA
  • Battery life (hrs):20
  • Water resistance:3m / IPX8
  • Accuracy:±0.2 kts
  • Data logging capacity (yes/no):yes

The SpeedPuck is a simple GPS speedometer that was created for sailing but can be used in any sport or situation where you want to see your speed easily. The SpeedPuck has big numbers that are easy to read, it can be installed very quickly and it gives you the accuracy and responsiveness you’re looking for.

Speed Mode: Displays speed and wind shift indicator updated twice a second. Can be disabled if prohibited by class rules.

Heading Mode: Displays heading / course over ground and wind shift indicator, updated twice a second. Wind shift indicator can be disabled if prohibited by class rules.

Maximum Speed Mode: Displays maximum 10 second average speed, maximum instantaneous speed or flashes between both (user configurable).

Automatic Shirst tracking: The SpeedPuck’s shift tracker locks on to the mean heading for your tack and then shows deviations from that heading with an easy-to-read bar graph. If you tack or jibe again, the shift tracker detects this, resets the bar graph and locks onto your new tack.

Waterproof: The SpeedPuck is designed for long-term reliability in a saltwater marine environment. The device's case back screws off like the lid of a leak-proof water bottle to reveal the battery compartment. The SpeedPuck's battery compartment is also sealed off from the rest of the device's electronics, providing a second layer of protection against moisture.

Box Includes: Velociteck SpeedPuck, USB Cable, Sticker, Quick Start Guide, Lanyard, Mounting Cradle

Velocitek SpeedPuck User Manual v1.4

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