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Tylaska Tylaska Dogbone DB8SS Stainless steel

Model: T-DB08SS
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  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):1150
  • NBL (kg):2300
  • Weight (g):8,5
  • Recommended line - Max Ø (mm):4
  • A (mm):32
  • B (mm):8
  • C (mm):5,6

The Tylaska Dogbone DB8SS is made from high strength 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. The dogbone is a very convenient way for attaching the halyard line to the headboard as you can maximize sail height without the added length of a conventional shackle. It also works well for jib and spinsheets, outhauls, the connection of soft loops used for attaching blocks to deck fittings, and numerous other rigging applications. Unlike a knot, the dogbone connection does not jam up under tension and can be quickly attached or detached. The Tylaska Dogbone DB8SS is recommended for use with 4mm lines.

The Tylaska dogbone range

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