Standing Rigging
Upffront believes that composite standing rigging offers a win-win solution: lighter, faster and safer boats. The benefits are just as relevent to crusing boats as they are to performance-hungry grand-prix race boats. The only reason composite rigging is not more common in the sub-60ft market has been due to the costs. Upffront is working with a range of composite rigging manufacturers to deliver the right products at reasonable costs, to allow normal sailors to enjoy the benefits.

Standing Rigging
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Description SWL (kg)Core materialCable weight (g)Cable diameter (mm)Fitting width (mm) Retail Price * AVL QTY

Armare Backstay - PBO L : 23m, SWL : 4.5t

4500PBO364012.314.5 3.498,80€

Armare Backstay - PBO L : 24.5m, SWL : 4.5t

4500PBO387012.314.5 3.704,60€

Armare Backstay - PBO L : 24m, SWL : 4.5t

4500PBO380012.314.5 3.636,35€

Armare Backstay - PBO L : 25m, SWL : 4.5t

4500PBO395012.314.5 3.773,89€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 12.5m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK9994510.214.5 806,75€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 12m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK9990010.214.5 782,65€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 13.5m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK9999910.214.5 854,90€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 13m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK9997210.214.5 830,85€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 14.5m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK99106210.214.5 903,10€

Armare Backstay - SK99 L : 14m, SWL : 1.75t

1750SK99103510.214.5 880,05€
* Retail Price Inc. VAT
In stock   Available in 14 days   Out of stock   Alternative Products