Headfoil - Transl. 51mm x 4m

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PROtect Headfoil is the ideal protection against damage to your plastic or metallic headfoil from severe contact abrasion of rotating sheet/guy of the spinnaker/gennaker or because of gybing gennaker sheets. It’s a combination of a special polymer and strong adhesives.

The product is available in two versions and three colors: PHT (translucent) or PHB (black) for small boat up to 40’ and PHP (light grey and made of PTFE) providing higher resistance to friction and temperature. PHP is strongly recommended for larger yachts, grand prix yachts or whenever a superior resistance is required.

All products are linear tapes and very easy to use / apply because they have been die cut to the perfect size of any headfoil system.


PHT001 (translucent), PHB001 (black), PHP001 (light grey, high performance) 34mm x 1.5m

PHT002 (translucent), PHB002 (black), PHP002 (light grey, high performance) 40mm x 2.0m

PHT003 (translucent), PHB003 (black), PHP003 (light grey, high performance) 51mm x 4.0m

Specifications for Headfoil - Transl. 51mm x 4m

Material UHMWPE
Tape thickness (microns) 250
Roll length (mm) 4000
Roll width (mm) 51

PT-PMK_PROtect OD Melges32 Kit_001.pdf
PROtect OD Melges 32 Kit Datasheet
PT-PHT_PROtect PHT SERIES Datasheet_001.pdf
PROtect Headfoil PHT UHMWPE Film Tape Datasheet
PT-PH_PROtect tapes Headfoil_001.pdf
PROtect Headfoil Tapes Manual
PT_PROtect tapes Catalogue 2019 EN_001.pdf
PROtect Tapes Catalogue 2019