LX130 - 6/7mm

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  • Range
  • Recommended Boat size - Max (ft)
  • Recommended Boat size - Min (ft)
  • Rope Ø (mm)
  • Headstay length Std. (mm)
  • Extrusion reference
  • Extrusion Ø (mm)
  • Extrusion weight (g/m)
  • Luff tape (mm)
  • Wire Ø Max (mm)
  • Drum Ø (mm)

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The LS/LX/RX ranges are Facnor’s well established, genoa reefing furlers with aluminium foil sections. Their extensive range has been tried and tested repeatedly by marine professionals and offshore sailors, with proven performance, durability and reliability.

The LS range is Facnor’s standard cruising solution, and has the following key features:

  • Easy installation

  • Strong sections & connections

  • Rugged, 30µ Anodized Aluminium protects parts against impacts and abrasion

  • 360° furling line angle adjustment, for perfect alignment

  • Optional internal turnbuckle fitting

  • High load, waterproof halyard swivel

  • No maintenance bearings – fitted with a “bearing box”, tested over ocean races

The LS Standard kit includes: Drum, internal turnbuckle fitting, short link plates, foil sections + connections, halyard swivel, HR shackles. To use a 7mm wire diameter, it is necessary to have a removable eye or turnbuckle.

Specifications for LX130 - 6/7mm

Recommended Boat size - Max (ft) 36
Recommended Boat size - Min (ft) 26
Rope Ø (mm) 8
Headstay length Std. (mm) 12400
Extrusion reference SX33
Extrusion Ø (mm) 33
Extrusion weight (g/m) 658
Luff tape (mm) 5
Wire Ø Max (mm) 7
Drum Ø (mm) 191

F_Facnor 2D Drawing LX130 - SX33 Drum Foil Section_001.DWG
Facnor LX130 - SX33 2D Drum Foil Section Technical Drawing
F_Facnor LS-LX-RX Range Brochure EN_001.pdf
Facnor LS-LX-RX Drum Furling and Reefing Systems Manual
F_Facnor LS-LX-RX Measurements Connectors FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor LS-LX-RX Connectors Measurements Diagram- French/English
F_Facnor LS-LX-RX Installation Manual FR EN_001.pdf
Facnor LS-LX-RX Installation and User Manual Version 2016- French/English
F_Facnor LS-LX-RX Installation Manual EN_001.pdf
Facnor LS-LX-RX Installation and User Manual Version 2016
F_Facnor Catalogue 2019-2020 EN_001.pdf
Facnor Products Catalogue 2019-2020