5 T Block lock

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The new Alphalock Modular Series follows Alphalock’s relentless quest for simplicity with no compromise in strength or function. “Utter simplicity is the Holy Grail of engineering,” says Eric Hall , Alphalock founder and president. “I have been involved with automatic locks since 2007. Each year I thought the locks couldn’t get simpler, but they always did. The new Alphalock Modular Series is the simplest yet. Its reliability and ease of service will be tough to beat.”

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Based on the original Alphalock from 2018, Alphalock Modular locks are even simpler: one moving part and a modular system where Block Locks can be turned into In-Mast Locks by the simple addition of a mast plate, all using one common locking bullet. Meanwhile, the locks have the same strength, equal function, and reliability as the original Alphalocks. As with the original Alphalock program, Modular locks allow full size halyards enabling inshore and offshore locking choices without changing halyard size. Full size halyards with or without locking bullets pass readily through Alphalock products.

Specifications for 5 T Block lock

Material Titanium
Recommended line - Max Ø (mm) 10
SWL (kg) 5000
NBL (kg) 10000
Weight (g) 877

Alphalock Catamaran T4 Video.mp4
Alphalock Catamaran T4 Video
Alphalock Modular Block Lock, Internal Lock, 5T - Technical drawing
AL-AM_Alphalock Modular Series drawings.pdf
Alphalock Modular Series information and drawings