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Rig Pro RigPro LOUPS™ 7mm x 200mm

Model: RP-30708
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Rig Pro

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  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):1157
  • NBL (kg):4628
  • Weight (g):12,7
  • Pin-Pin (mm):200
  • Rope diameter (mm):7
  • Loop SWL - Basket (kg):2313
  • Loop SWL - Vertical (kg):1157
  • Loop SWL - Choker (kg):925
  • Loop SWL - Boned (kg):1851

RigPro LOUPS™ are a highly versatile, lightweight, soft connector designed to replace the need for steel shackles. The core of the LOUPS™ product is made up of multiple rounds of unidirectional Dyneema SK75 which is an extremely durable fibre with a resistance to inter-fibre chafe or degradation. This is encased in Spectra 1000 fibre which is also known for its durability and chafe resistance. Each LOUPS™ product goes through a proprietary annealing process which allows an altering of the microstructure of the fibre. The result of this process is a 15-20% increase in strength over a similar loop that is not heat-treated. LOUPS™ can be used in 4 basic configurations: Vertical, Basket, Choker and Boned for a whole range of applications. It should be noted that the configuration significantly impacts the recommended SWL - please refer to Technical info

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