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nke Marine Electronics nke Regatta Compass

Model: N-T-90-60-395
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nke Marine Electronics

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  • AttributeValue
  • Weight (g):290
  • Outside diameter (mm):113
  • Total height (mm):51
  • Operating Voltage:9-16
  • Power consumption (mA):< 220
  • Water resistance:IP66
  • Accuracy:0.1
  • Warranty (yrs):2

The nke Regatta Compass is one of the highest technical specifications available and features extraordinary performance in all navigation conditions with a greater than 2° constant accuracy. It keeps the boat on course in the roughest and most demanding conditions which subject the boat to high rudder loads and roll and pitch, even greater than 30°. In calm conditions, you can rely on greater than 1° accuracy. Its innovative waterproof design allows for bulkhead installation.

The Regatta compass is included in the Cruise Performance and Regatta Performance packages. It is supplied with bracket, 10m cable and connector. It interfaces to the Bus by means of junction box (ref. 90-60-389, not supplied) or directly to the Regatta Processor via a dedicated input.

Other specifications:
- Warmup time: 1 second (adjustable)
- Data rate: 4/sec with compass interface box connection and 10/sec with Processor Regatta input connection
- Max turn rate : 0 to 70° per second
- Measure capacity (pitch & roll): ±50°
- Dynamic accuracy (pitch & roll): <1°
- Resolution (pitch & roll): 0.1°

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