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Morf Block
Morf Block

Designed and engineered by G Yacht Design the MORF BLOCK is a smart user-oriented sailboat block. The MORF BLOCK utilizes two patented technologies to deliver maximum freedom and simplicity achieving a modular, light, strong and safe block.

Its patented modular technology allow the MORF BLOCK cheeks to be easily mounted in a single or multiple sheave configuration; this can be achieved by the use of ropes as primary structure. The cheeks have been designed to snap-fit avoiding the use of metal fasteners and tools.

Its patented bearing technology not only provides a low friction media between the rope and sheave but protects its components from ware. Bearings have been designed to match existing low friction rings to be used as sheaves.

Due to its modular nature the MORF BLOCK is available as a complete block or set of parts allowing the user to configure its own block according to its needs and preference.