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Winmar Racing
Winmar Racing

After successfully winning the 33rd America’s Cup, team mates Simone de Mari and Thiha Win knew that together they could bring something new and different to the deck hardware market. Combining years of America’s Cup experience with fresh and innovative ideas, WinMar’s goal is to manufacture the best deck hardware in the yachting industry.

The company is determined to improve the deck hardware market place with outstanding designs, improved choice, quick turnaround, revolutionary materials, unique eye-catching styles and excellent personal service.

WinMar Racing’s blocks and sheaves combine a unique design (patent pending) with advanced materials, to produce ultra-low friction bearings. They understand the reality that blocks and sheaves are often misaligned with the line load, and even a small misalignment can cause conventional bearings to lock-up. Winmar bearings ensure extremely low friction whether the line load is on-axis or misaligned.

Their high load blocks and sheaves are constructed of the best grade custom treated titanium, ceramic rolling elements and autoclaved carbon fibre to bring to the market the best product range possible. Winmar use the latest in finite element analysis software to achieve ultimate performance at minimum weight, packaged in a stylish design.