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Kohlhoff GmbH Kohlhoff LOOP® Furling Thimble -11 mm

Model: L-FT11
61,50€ / pieceRetail Price Inc. VAT51,68€ / pieceRetail Price Ex. VAT
Kohlhoff GmbH

Quantity: in stock
  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):2500
  • NBL (kg):5000
  • Weight (g):36
  • Recommended line - Max Ø (mm):11
  • Pin Ø (mm):8/10
  • Fitting Width (mm):15
  • A (mm):70
  • B (mm):38
  • C (mm):11
  • D (mm):15

KOHLHOFF LOOP® Furling Thimbles are made of high quality black anodized alloy. They have a straight pin hole and fit most common furling unit jaws. The lashing eye is smooth and round and designed to accommodate sufficient lashing to securely fasten the tack/head of the sail. Available in five different sizes specifically designed to fit standard furling rope diameters from 7 to 15mm.

The KOHLHOFF LOOP® Furling Thimble range

LOOP Furling Thimble - datasheet

Not enough rope in stock to fulfil your required length.
It will be available within 14 days, otherwise, please try an alternative colour.