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Hampidjan Kohlhoff DynIce furling rope 11mm x 12.5m

Model: KH-DF11-12500
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  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):1718
  • NBL (kg):6100
  • Core material:DSK75
  • Cable length (mm):12500
  • Cable diameter (mm):11
  • Cable weight (g):1209
  • Fitting Pin Ø (mm):10
  • Fitting Width (mm):14.8
  • Fitting Reference:L-FT11

The Kohlhoff DynIce furling cable is an excellent high torsion head sail cable for smaller and medium sized yachts. Apart from offering high torsional performance, the break strength of this cable is excellent as it is made of heatset and stretched DynIce based on a Dyneema®SK75 core. The composite cover has a custom braid angle to provide optimum grip and excellent results under both manual and high speed furling conditions.The DynIce Furling Cable is protected by two separate unique patent pending manufacturing methods. The cable can be custom made to your exact length requirement and comes ready to use with a hard anodised aluminium thimble at each end suitable for a furling unit jaw width of 15-16mm. When buying a torsional cable with a custom length - please order the cable with a length just longer than that required and then specify the finished cable length in the "Special Instructions" section during the checkout process.

Top-down furling requires significantly more torsional stiffness in the cable compared to bottom-up furling and torsional stiffness is derived primarily from cable diameter. Therefore, for a given length, a bigger diameter cable will be more appropriate for top-down furling.

For example, If you need a 12m luff rope for a bottom-up code zero then the smaller diameter 9mm rope would be preferable from a performance perspective and perfectly adequate. However, for a 12m top-down luff rope you should always use the bigger 11mm rope.

In summary, this is not an exact science, however, on the whole: bottom-up favours long and skinny, whilst top-down requires short and fat!

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