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Karver Systems Karver KJ10 High load jammer

Model: KA-KJ10
340,80€ / pieceRetail Price Inc. VAT286,39€ / pieceRetail Price Ex. VAT
Karver Systems

Quantity: available in 10-14 days
  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):1000
  • NBL (kg):2000
  • Weight (g):190
  • Recommended line - Max Ø (mm):10
  • Recommended line - Min Ø (mm):5
  • Total length (mm):98,1
  • Total width (mm):44,2
  • Total height (mm):52

All the KJ jammers have been designed with the same philosophy: 3 concentric jaws that can be separated from their base and have the ability to be operated remotely. Traditional jammers squeeze the line between x2 jaws with a relatively small contact point. The Karver KJ jammer secures the line evenly around its cover with the x3 jaws over a significant length which maximises holding power whilst limiting rope wear. Maintenance is made quick and easy with the conical jammer body removable from the base with a single screw. The base can be bonded to the deck or bolted with x3 M6 fastners (provided). Each jammer can handle a range of line sizes.

The Karver KJ high load jammer range

Karver KJ Jammer - Exploded view

Not enough rope in stock to fulfil your required length.
It will be available within 14 days, otherwise, please try an alternative colour.