Tef-Gel - 10g tube

Référence: TK-TG10 Référence du fabricant: TG10

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TIKAL TEF-GEL is a watertight, PTFE-based paste which prevents the blooming of metal and also reliably prevents corrosion from galvanic flows between unequal metals. In all places where refined metals come into contact with less refined metals (eg. aluminium with special steel), a small amount of TIKAL TEF-GEL suffices to prevent galvanic exchange of electrons and subsequent corrosion.

Application: TIKAL TEF-GEL is applied to the surface to be protected, smoothly and evenly, directly from the tube or using a small brush. TIKAL TEF-GEL never dries up, which means there is no processing time. Use turpentine to clean tools or surroundings.

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