SK99 Backstay - L : 13.5m, SWL : 1.75t

Référence: AR-SCD18-13500 Référence du fabricant: FF-SCD18-13500

789,30 € 789,30 € 789.3000000000001 EUR (incl. VAT)

789,30 €

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  • Marque
  • Longueur de câble (mm)
  • Matériau de l'âme
  • Diamètre de câble (mm)
  • Equivalent dash
  • EA (MN)
  • Référence de la terminaison
  • Largeur terminaison (mm)
  • Poids du câble (g)
  • Charge de travail (kg)
  • Charge de rupture (kg)

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A simple change-out from rod, or wire backstays, to a composite cable offers weight savings of up to 80%. This weight saving aloft offers significant performance advantages including less pitching and rolling, more power and faster acceleration. All our performance composite backstays come with lash fittings at both ends to allow connection with soft lashings, strops or loops. Straight pin fittings are available on request. The Armare SK99 backstay sits between PBO and K49 in terms of overall performance and price. The key benefits of this cable is its super lightweight and durability/reliability which have to be set against its greater diameter than the PBO and K49 alternatives. An Armare Dyneema® backstay is for someone who wants all the weight benefits composite rigging can bring, without any hassle and with complete peace of mind.

Caractéristiques de SK99 Backstay - L : 13.5m, SWL : 1.75t

Longueur de câble (mm) 13500
Matériau de l'âme SK99
Diamètre de câble (mm) 10,2
Equivalent dash 11
EA (MN) 6,5
Référence de la terminaison Lash 1
Largeur terminaison (mm) 14,5
Poids du câble (g) 999
Charge de travail (kg) 1750
Charge de rupture (kg) 7000

AR-SCD_Armare Terminations Table Lash & Pin fittings (Backstay) 2017 Drawing_001.pdf
Armare Terminations Table Lash & Pin fittings (Backstay) 2017 Technical Drawing