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Facnor Facnor FX+7000 furler - Snap shackle

Model: F-FX+7000-SNAP
Price upon request

Quantity: available in 10-14 days
  • AttributeValue
  • SWL (kg):7000
  • NBL (kg):14000
  • Weight (g):236
  • Pin-Pin (mm):88,9
  • Pin Ø (mm):12

The Facnor FX+7000 Snap shackle comes supplied with the FX+7000 Furling drum but can be bought as an optional attachment for the Facnor FX+7000 Swivel for quick and easy halyard attachment.

The Facnor FX+ shackle range

Not enough rope in stock to fulfil your required length.
It will be available within 14 days, otherwise, please try an alternative colour.