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Facnor Facnor Foil Section SX39 - Rounded

Model: F-FF-SX39
181,95€ / pieceRetail Price Inc. VAT152,90€ / pieceRetail Price Ex. VAT

Quantity: available in 10-14 days
  • AttributeValue
  • Extrusion length (mm):2000
  • Luff tape (mm):5
  • Extrusion weight (g/m):914
  • Extrusion Diameter (mm):41
  • Luff Groove (Single/Double):D

The SX twin groove foil sections can be fitted on the various furling systems: classic drum (LS,LX,RX), webbing drum (FD) and motorized drum (EF). Each standard furler set includes foil sections, but in the need of acquiring an additional one to make up your forestay length or to repair your current one, 2m long sections can be purchased individually.

Facnor Foil Sections Connectors Datasheet

Not enough rope in stock to fulfil your required length.
It will be available within 14 days, otherwise, please try an alternative colour.