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Bamar Bamar Foil Section BMG52 - 3m

Model: B-910392600
590,00€ / pieceRetail Price Inc. VAT495,80€ / pieceRetail Price Ex. VAT

Quantity: available in 10-14 days
  • AttributeValue
  • Weight (g):5310
  • A (mm):43
  • B (mm):52
  • C (mm):29
  • D (mm):6
  • E (mm):3
  • Extrusion length (mm):3000
  • Rod Dash size Max:-40
  • Luff tape (mm):5
  • Extrusion weight (g/m):1770
  • Extrusion Diameter (mm):43
  • Luff Groove (Single/Double):D

The Bamar BMG 52 twin groove foils sections can be fitted on the C5 model, as well as on the 12 -12C model in the GFI hydraulic range and model 1 of the EJF electric range.

They are made of durable extruded aluminium alloy to ensure a great resistance to impact.

Some key features of these foils:
• Foils and connectors are monolithic pieces - no stress on the screws that hold the splice pieces to foils
• “anti-rotation” key, integrated in the foil
• Expanding connector made by three-piece aluminium part plus Delrin® bushes composed of two half-bearings
• Installation on wire stays with a swage threaded terminal, and rod stays
• Flush-mounted screws that allow a highly reliable connection between connector and foils
• Perfect of high torque loads

Each standard furler set has foil sections included. However, these 3m long sections can be purchased individually for additional forestay length or as spares / replacements.

Not enough rope in stock to fulfil your required length.
It will be available within 14 days, otherwise, please try an alternative colour.