6 reasons to buy from upffront
quick and worldwide delivery

Quick, worldwide delivery

Our products can be delivered, most of the time, directly from stock ensuring the fastest possible lead times.

unique cable configurator and online-shop to place your order easily

Unique cable configurator and online-shop for easy ordering

With a dedicated online shop and useful guidelines to configure a complete rigging package, upffront makes high quality, performance products easily accessible, at affordable prices.

worldwide network of technical and service support

Worldwide technical, service and support network

Upffront has a regional network of specialist riggers and product managers to offer technical guidance and project management assistance where required.

affordable prices due to standardized production methods

Affordable prices from product standardisation

Upffront is actively working with suppliers to rationalise product ranges and increase compatibility to simplify integration between products and suppliers.

highest level of quality & reliability

Highest levels of quality & reliability

Upffront specialises in bringing the highest quality performance products to the market at affordable prices. All our products are from top level, respected brands in their fields, offering full product warranty and support.

special testing program for service and replacement

Product development and testing

Upffront is proud to offer only performance products. All our products and systems have been tested, both in the laboratory and extensively on the water. Wherever possible, we aim to demonstrate a products performance benefits through our own quantitative development and testing.